Sunday, October 17, 2021

If I worked at a gas station, and an incredibly cool car like this pulled in, I'd take a photo, have it printed poster size, and mount it in the station


  1. drove my 73 Bronco to Home Depot a while back, and noticed a GT-40 car in the lot, so we parked a couple of spaces away and walked over and looked at it, then while walking back, we noticed a guy pushing a buggy looking at my Bronco,
    he then pushed his buggy to the GT-40, tossed a 60 lb bag of concrete into the passenger seat, hopped in and drove away....

    1. Concrete? What the hell? And hell if I know if a Ford GT, or GT 40, has a trunk.... but there seems to be a big gap between a factory race car(Gt 40) and a transportation vehicle for construction needs. Weird.

    2. im pretty sure it was a replica but i don think they have a trunk