Monday, February 22, 2021

Hey, flatbed tow truck drivers! Carvana is hiring at 18 an hour, plus or minus 50 cents for some weird reason. They call the job a "Customer Advocate" but really, it's delivery with a flat bed

"driving a kick-ass single-car hauler to get the customer’s purchase delivered straight to their front door. You don’t need a commercial driver’s license to drive the hauler and don’t worry, with a little training, you’ll realize driving the hauler is a piece of cake. 

Not only will you be driving that kick-ass car hauler, but you will also be loading and unloading the customer’s vehicle on and off of it (it’s a quick and easy process, but it does require getting a little physical) and inspecting the car-hauler to ensure the vehicle maintains good maintenance and safe driving conditions."

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  1. I've interacted with two Carvana drivers when I purchased a crossover from them last year. They have a 7 day no-strings return policy - it works btw. My original purchase was delivered by a 3rd party carrier because I was out their regular service area. I returned that car for another and did a local delivery pickup, then ended up returning that one for my final choice a week later. Both times the drivers were awesome, the process painless as hell, and yeh, the job didn't seem to be too bad. It's not like they have to do any recovery or deal with damaged\non-runners. Overall my experience with Carvana I give an 8/10.