Friday, February 26, 2021

this is funny, and true


  1. First day on a pushboat the Captain sends me to get a bucket off wheel wash when I ask him what he wants me to do.

    Now I am known as a hard worker, no matter what I have done in life you might have outsmarted me, but you would never outwork me. But, since he just sent me on a fools errand and I really don't play the fool well, I went down to the galley and made some joe and waited.

    Eventually after he and the mate could not see me anywhere he revved both engines, I signal to come to the wheel house.

    I get there and with the mate looking at me intently he asks me where his bucket of wheel wash was. I said I'm sorry skipper, as soon as I find that left-handed ratchet to bring it in I'll have it for, promise!

    Long pause...... He then says to me, " did you enjoy your coffee?" Yes sir I said, I enjoyed it immensely. With a half grin he said "go oil the rigging smart ass."

    Best Captain I ever worked with.