Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Is this a Cadillac? Well, was it one before they made a truck on a Cadillac chassis, do you think? Or is it more likely some thing else?

A back up light, hardtop convertible, strange front bumper (spring loaded?) great letting and bedrails. What the thing in the bed? A plow? Folding wheelchair?



  1. I think the truck here is a circa 1918 Type 55 Cadillac. It was quite common in the 1920s to turn obsolete big cars into wreckers.

    One example -


    1. yes, and thank you for referring to one of my posts, and not the same thing on some other website.... I appreciate that.
      For one thing, it shows I already am aware of something we are currently discussing, like that the big strong cars like Cadillacs were often made into tow trucks...
      but more than that, I appreciate that you took a stab at identifying the car I am asking about!

  2. It's a wrecker, you can see the hand crank for the winch.

    1. HA! Correction, YOU can see the hand crank, my eyesight is going bad, and I didn't make out that the thing in back was a towing boom, looks like a Manley. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/164802-manley-wrecker/
      Now the wheels make sense, as Justin nailed the dolly wheels.

  3. thing in the back is probably dolly wheels for hauling a smashed car.

    it was common to use Cadillac's and packards since they were usually stronger and more powerful than most trucks at the time.