Monday, July 20, 2020

If you've got a truck, you've probably got a tool box in it. There are several possible types.... here's one that you probably haven't heard of, Unruli - and it's unique, as there are 2 versions, one that quickly unmounts if you want to use the whole truck bed, the other, you can remove the entire portable tool boxes. Unruli slides out from under a tonneau cover to the tailgate edge. No reaching. No climbing.

The other toolboxes are mounted more permanently. Not helpful if you need to suddenly help someone move, right? Or load the motorcycle in for a weekend trip.

This product offers the pickup truck owner the convenience of converting their truck beds within minutes to go from using a cargo box for managing small items, to full utilization of their entire truck bed for hauling large items.

This installs in under 30 minutes with 1 person and 1 wrench. No drilling, no harm to the truck. It stores up to 250 pounds in corrosion-resistant, lockable box.

I really like the Decked product, but it's shortcoming is the lack of versatility when, if you are the type with an ATV or dirt bike, that you might want to put it in your truck bed and haul it to some offroading location

So, I just want you to know about this storage system. It's EASY to use, I tried it out at SEMA 2019.

The thing with Unruli is that you mount the slide rails, and they are TRICK cool, and the storage bays easily get out of the way when needed

The solid boxes? Also TRICK, they come out fast, so you can trasport ALL your tools at once, like, if you are a construction guy who needs to get ALL your tools out each day at work and when you come home. LOTS of guys have had tools stolen out of their truck tool boxes... because the old fashioned tool box is permanently mounted in the bed, next to the back window.

Hey, if you pull out the tools, one by one, fine. BUT you don't have time for that every day when you get to the job site AND when you get home! How Unruli makes that a thing of the past is that THESE diamond plate boxes easily come out of the slides and you just carry them to the jobsite or into your home after work, leaving nothing for thieves to make off with.

I know this video didn't show it, but just like a cooler, you can take these storage boxes with you so no one steals your stuff.

see the handle on the side? Ready so you can get someone to lift the other end, and carry the tool box out of the truck, and that way, your tools and stuff aren't left where thieves can break in and steal them

Seriously, get a 25 dollar collapsible dolly from a hardware store, and you're now just wheeling your tool box and tools away, so you can park your truck where ever... you won't need to worry about your tool boxes getting broken into, cause you don't have to leave them with your truck.

MSRP for the folding system was 1300, and 1600 for the diamond plate tool boxes.

Right now the up coming roll out is for the Ford F-150 model by August 1st, but of course the quarantine caused the delay in production and release of Unruli. They are currently re-engineering for Chevy pickups.

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