Monday, July 20, 2020

American Pickers, season 12 episode 14 (on Hulu) has the guys getting an Auburn from the repair shop in Broken Arrow OK, and it's hitting the road to drive to the people they bought it from in South Dakota

they bought it for 26500, paid 10k to get it roadworthy again, and can probably sell it for 45k.

The white paint? Was applied with a brush. Then the car sat in a barn for decades.

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  1. Haven't watched it yet, which I will, but look back to September 1944: my Dad is stationed in GA and preparing to ship out to Europe (he landed on Omaha Beach in September). He has a 1936 Auburn four door conv. like the car here. Being a car guy he wanted to keep it, but my Mom was pregnant (guess who!) and would not drive it back to upstate NY! I was never convinced that he fully forgave me for that! Dennis