Saturday, April 11, 2020

and here is how easily a breathalyzer is tricked, and the drunk drive even with the ignition interlock in place

and before you comment about how posting this does anything for drunk drivers, take a moment to realize that cops drive drunk, are busted, and let loose, without getting arrested, and it's only because other cops let them go. If you don't have a badge, they treat you a lot worse.

I'm not so powerful I can assist, or stop, any drunk drivers. There's simply nothing I can do for or against anyone driving drunk that isn't standing right beside me.


  1. I am almost 65 years old and been a drinker my whole life. I have several great friends who are cops. But I can honestly tell you thru many experiences there's almost no bigger group of assholes than a group of drunk cops!

    1. yup. I was an mp for 3 years, and though we were only on base, in our twenties, way too much bullshit happened in only 3 years simply because those guys felt immune to getting into trouble, because they had a badge.
      Years, well, over a decade of blogging about cars, stupid drivers, and cops, has shown me so much evidence of police simply being bullies with badges.
      You probably remember the photos of the cop on the side of the road spraying pepper spray into the path of the bikers on the highway.