Saturday, April 11, 2020

never bother watching the first minute of anything anymore, it's all useless filler. '68 F100 and tire smoke


  1. Useless Filler...? Oh wait, I see what you did there......useless filler, lol.....that's one way to describe 'KC.....Gas Monkey's former paint & body guy who went out on his own and is apparently doing just fine.......good one, you're clever throwing in a little body 'filler' joke there......Even if you didn't know it. ;)

    1. how much time do you waste trying to read between the lines, figure out hidden meanings, etc?
      No, I didn't mean anything about body filler.
      Watch the first 60 seconds, and notice that you will enjoy everything after that, without ever caring about the first 60 seconds.
      Waste of time.
      Great truck, fun video past the first 60 seconds, great use of Black Betty.
      that first minute was filler, just useless, wasting the viewer's time, garbage.
      He was on a tv show? Whoopity do.
      He's got a great truck, and 4/5ths of his video was fun.
      Looks like he wasted time with videos, this was the only one to make serious stats, and he never followed up. Life and trying to run a business must have overcome having fun, as there's noting on the internet for the past couple of years from or about him, that's a shame, he's talented.

  2. He's extremely talented, and it took less than a minute for me to put a play on your title. I understood 'you' had no hidden objective in your wording, I was just having fun with your chosen words & his skill set.....lighten up.

    1. start your own blogs, send me a link, I'll be looking through the comments and your replies, we'll see how little it takes until you no longer can lighten up.
      Also, I've posted about 42,600 things, and a some significant amount of that was videos by people that just are clueless about making a video, editting a video, or story continuity. They waste the first minute of video most of the time.
      It got old years ago, but no one caught on to how they might improve their video by dropping the first minute.
      If you've been looking at this blog for more than a couple months, you'll see that I've pointed this out a lot.
      THAT is why I chose to title this post "never bother watching the first minute of anything anymore, it's all useless filler. "
      and your droll response was lacking in anything vaguely funny.
      Keep your day job, leave comedy to comedians

  3. Ya know if it's getting to could go back to your family history research or call a crisis're just a hair over the top. Happy Easter!

    1. uh huh. My blog, and my attitude, so if you're bucking for the copy editor job, I'm already doing that and I'm not going to post a job opening.
      Your commentary still isn't even vaguely funny. Try a correspondence course with a comedy club

  4. So in the end....You're 'Just a car guy'......That's just a car guy that none of us really want to hang with at a 'car guy sort of event' because you can't understand a cross joke concerning car stuff, a play on it, or dry humor......Hope you have fun with your dry self, you're really something special!!

    1. this is not the "are you funny blog", it's not even "can you invent a dry humor joke" blog... it's the I'm "Just A Car Guy" blog.
      Don't go away mad, just go away.
      If you're here to see what I've come up with to post, fine. Enjoy.
      But don't feel like you were invited to add funny funny commentary. You weren't.
      Putting up with your nonsense only serves to distract me and waste time where instead I could be out looking for more interesting things to share with people who come here for the entertainment I put on the internet. Not what you do because you think you're funny.
      As for being what you think of as no fun at a "car guy sort of event' well, this isn't a car guy event. This is a blog.
      You'll never know whether I'm worth the time to hang with at an event, because you simply don't go to the events I do, not would I waste time hanging out with people there, I go to look around at the cars there, and see what's interesting enough to share on my blog for all the people that can't get to these events.
      Lots of people simply can not drop everything and visit car events in Southern California, and SEMA.
      Some of them stop by here to see what I've found at SEMA and other car events and car shows because they like the way I share it.
      SO, hanging out at events with you? Waste of everyones time.
      I'm at the events to see the vehicles, and talk to the owners / customizers / drivers / painters / collectors etc.
      Plus there are lots of them, and only one of you.
      I doubt you could match them for entertainment.
      You don't even know Chuck Caswell. He's a riot.
      So, release some of your pressure somewhere else.