Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Had you heard of new playgrounds getting built for wheelchair bound kids to use at the same time as kids running around?

Grand Junction Parks and Rec has demolished the old Canyon View park, the new playground will not only update equipment, it will be expanding by over 50-percent of the previous square footage. It will include an area for kids ages two to five, another area for ages five - 12, and then a new fitness area for anyone to use.

The new plans include a zip line and a larger array of equipment for kids to enjoy.

"This will by far be the most accessible playground for all disabilities. We're proud of that fact,” said Schober. “We're proud that we've worked with the play to dream foundation- that was a priority for them to offer as much accessibility for people of all disabilities."

This means wheelchair ramps and replacing wood chips on the ground with rubber surfacing, changes which will allow kids of all ages and abilities to play together in a safe environment.

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