Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the prop car from the chase scene in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is just soaking up the sun in Burbank


  1. Extraordinary props with extraordinary characters- that's what the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is all about! Some people probably thought that the car was absolutely real and was made specifically for that scene. Sadly, it's just a prop car that was modified with digital effects. Well, it wasn't bad at all! The effects put on the car was phenomenal! Ah, I suddenly remembered how great that movie was, especially the scene where they were trying to stop the bomb in the city! Wilhelmina was so astonishing back then. <3

    --Dante Mallet

  2. Hi Jesse,
    Could you tell me where this body is? it seems to be waisting away.
    Do you know if the owner would sell it?


  3. how they make it...