Thursday, July 22, 2010

cool images from "A Saucerful of Wheels"

Above, Carroll Shelby
Above, 1965 Steve McQueen

Good advertising for a helmet

Mercedes-Benz 150 Sports Roadster, 1935

Fangio and the Renntransporter 1955

I posted a thorough article about this, the Renntransporter, in 2007



  1. I've seen that transporter in real. In Stuttgart at the Mercedes Museum; It's awesome!

  2. IIRC, the Mercedes-Benz transporter featured the same engine that was used in the Grand Prix cars.

    1. yes, I did a thorough article on the Renntransporter and there's no point to repeating the info. Anyone who wants to learn about a car can either click on the tab, in some cases like the Renntransporter I have a tab for it... or they can use the search function top of the page upper left, and see if I've posted about it before, or they can google and see what else the internet might have on it