Wednesday, May 25, 2022

U.S. Coast Guard couple in Mobile turns a helicopter into a camper

Maggie Morgan and Morris are both helicopter pilots in the U.S. Coast Guard in Mobile. They decided why not, why not buy the main body of a helicopter from Facebook Marketplace

"I wanted to be able to come out and sit and drink my coffee and look out of the windows of the helicopter while we camped," Morgan said.

They created an Instagram page documenting the progress, even sharing some photos of the 'helicamper' back in it's German police days. They were able to locate the photos thanks to the serial number on the airframe. They also had some help from Airbus.

"It went to the German military police first, then it got bought from there and used in Afghanistan with U.S. Troops for a few years then in came here in about 2011 back in the states," Morris said.

used a deck plate to create a foldout countertop extension for the kitchen. After stripping the paint, we added some of our patches & sealed it all in epoxy to create the countertop.

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