Saturday, November 06, 2021

15th anniversary, 48,800 posts, and the blog just rolls on as I come across fun stuff to share

The 15th anniversary marks a point I didn't think I'd get to when I started this in 2006, when blogging was new, and the internet was about 7 or 8 years old. 

A lot of people have made something online, like tumblrs, blogs, instagrams, you tube channels, etc. during those 15 years, and some have thrown in the towel and walked away. Some have died. All left a mark, and some made a fortune. Some faded out and are already forgotten. 

But it's been a great time, and I've made a lot of friends, and discovered that this ol blog can get me a press pass too. 

I doubt it's going to be around another 15, but then, it's not sure that we, or the internet, will either. 

Speedfest in San Diego, the vintage racing annual event was incredible, and it failed to stay profitable, so it disappeared. Car Craft and other magazines went out because their managers wanted to bail on the magazines that didn't make as much money as Motor Trend. Ken Block stopped doing Gymkhanas, WRC rallys aren't held in Vegas during SEMA anymore, and the parking lot they held the race in, the gold lot, is now the West Hall.... 

A lot changes in 15 years, I've lived with 2 girl friends, am on my 4th commuter, lived in 4 different places, had 8 jobs, and had cancer. Oh, and been laid off for a 7 month epic unemployment vacation where I did my family tree all the way back on both parents sides, to Europe. 

I even added 13 other tumblrs and blogs along the way. They don't get much attention from me, or anyone else though. 


  1. Happy birthday Just a Car Guy!

    Was checking out the links you provided and came across “Uncles Advice.” Reading it reminded me of an instance a couple of years ago when my grandson was 14 and shopping attire for a special occasion. Devin is considerate, thoughtful, polite and takes great pleasure in holding doors open for women. I reminded him that I had never raised my voice with him, but made it clear there would be hell to pay if I ever caught him wearing a clip-on necktie. Much to my delight the post “YOUR FATHER PROBABLY TOLD YOU A FEW THINGS…” included counsel to “never wear a clip-on tie.” Naturally, I forwarded the piece to my buddy.

    Your reference to Car Craft struck a chord. I remember buying the mag at the best stand in the county at the time. (Of course we would sneak a discreet peek at Playboy as well.) Car Craft was priced at a quarter, and the format was a 5x8 or so package. Life was grand! (Well actually, it still is.)

    I’m pleased to read your reference to cancer in the past tense. My prayer is that you're free of the wretched condition the rest of your days, which are many we hope.

    Eight gigs in 15 years? I probably would have shown up at one or another on occasion to be told, “You don’t work here any longer. You quit six months ago.” Oh...well never mind.

    Again thanks again so much for your tireless effort to bring us the wonderful little Car Guy bright spots each day. Our best wishes to you and may you have a long, healthy, prosperous future.