Wednesday, November 10, 2021

do you remember about 15-25 years ago, when car makers tried new things, like the Prowler, SSR, etc? Here's a comparison of recent dealership dreck


  1. Ugly duplicates of one. another. Why would anyone want what used to be the contents of their trunk, now to be rattling around inside the car? In the case of an accident (especially a rollover), all that stuff would go flying around the cabin and could seriously injure passengers. Plus, there is an increased load on the a/c.

  2. Thats why I enjoy driving my 64 Falcon station wagon.
    not another one like it on the road,
    we recently added Holly Sniper fuel injection and Vintage Air AC, and drove it to Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi. and it goes up in value, not down like late model used cars.

  3. Wish I knew where I could buy that poster, I would frame it and display it with my Javelin at cruises. Or my Karmann Ghia or 1979 Lincoln Town Truck when I finish it. And Jesse thanks for sharing the story of the "Girl in the blue dress".

    1. left click for full size, then right click, save to your computer, and then print one off. Or, reverse image search and see if a larger version is online somewhere. And you're welcome. Something about that true story pushed my buttons, and I felt I needed to share it, as I imagine, she was sad, lonely, broke, out of work, and just had zero hope of happiness in the future, so she punched out and on the day with the highest suicide rate, all alone, in the middle of the great depression, when it was damn impossible for anyone to get a job, and she had nothing to go home to. She'd already left the farm hoping to get a job in the city.
      To me, it echoes the depression and hopelessness so many have because this is a harsh damn world, and it's really rare for someone so down to get a smile from a stranger, a helping hand, etc. That bit about asking for the church, and heading the other way?
      So, I hope that anyone reading this gets a bit more love for other people, maybe looks a little longer at those that need a lift, a story, a laugh, or a bit of charity.
      Well, I can hope. This world and the people along for the ride are mostly about a moment away from doom, financially, residentially, and then there's the natural disasters from fires, floods, hurricanes, droughts, and rich politicians that choose to change things up resulting in companies shutting down, etc.
      Life can be so damn happy, beautiful, comfortable, etc, and give us time for music, art, friends, or it can all go wrong, day after day.
      So, maybe this bit of obscure history of the girl in the blue dress finally being identifies helps us help others just a bit more.

  4. It’s likely most JACG readers are not old enough to recall from experience the very manufactured gas shortage of 1973. That was the issue that prompted Congress to “do something.” So in 1975 they enacted the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulation that mandated new cars meet certain MPG standards. Those standards became higher and higher with the passing of time. The point of all the congressional vaudeville was to assure we would never again be faced with a shortage of gas at the pump. Also about the same time the Department of Energy was created to, in the words of the worlds most famous peanut farmer, “Assure that the United States of America would henceforth never import another drop of foreign oil.” We all know how that’s worked out. At any rate, saving gas on the highway didn’t play to well for a “world awash in an ocean of oil,” so that morphed into saving the planet’s environment. We still have CAFE and that’s what the chart is all about. Drag coefficients and weight, those are the primary considerations of car designers today. Designers style vehicles for the government, not the consumer. And it’s a shame.

    1. I disagree, most readers are older than I am (50) and only current designers are likely to be focused on govt regs. The ones that made stuff we like may not have been, Stevens, Shinoda, Brock, etc were making cool stuff without focusing on govt regs. Until the 70s, when garbage made by penny pinchers turned the direction from cool stuff, to ugly stuff.
      We also quit importing oil during Trumps presidency.
      But nothing the 1970s politicians could imagine was likely to be close to the mount of vehicles on the roads, pollution from coal in China, radioactivity from Fukushima in the Pacific... etc.
      The collapse of the interstate 35 bridge over the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis, and other failures of roads, bridges, overpasses, etc these are things that the govt doesn't want to focus on, to "do something" about.
      Fixing the aging infrastructure would cost money, and instead, the govt seems to want to play with the toys that corporations make... like insisting on electric cars, even though the, uh oh, here it is again, aging infrastructure, can't handle based on the current blackouts in California and Washington had in 2020 due to the heat waves and droughts.
      Just a week ago I posted about the dam in Oroville that didn't have enough water to run the hydroelectric generators.
      So, when we Californians are told on the broadcasts to voluntarily cut back on electric use, and not turn on washers, dryers, and air conditioners, well... that's a clue that recharging electric cars isn't viable.
      But I digress... I was there in line during the OPEC crises, as a young kid, wondering why gas stations were a problem.
      Then car insurance companies decided to interfere in what people could afford to insure (muscle cars)
      Then everything seemed to combine to where only ugly cars (AMC Matador for example, Ford LTD for another) could be made.
      Anyway, it's not a nice thing to say, that you think it's likely most JACG readers are not old enough. I hope you think about it and change your mind on that.
      Most are older than me.
      After all, young people simply don't care about the stuff I post about.

  5. The majority of people buying new cars aren't enthusiasts like us, so the car companies are going to make the vehicles that sell. Right now, that would be cross-over utility vehicles because people think that's what they need to carry their families and stuff around. And then once you create the basic package and round off the edges to make it aerodynamic, they all look the same.