Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Yankees, instead of using a bullpen cart, used a pinstriped Datsun, provided by the automaker, one of the team's sponsors, then in 1976 and 77, used a Toyota Celica

In 1979 you could buy the #Yankees pinstriped bullpen car out of their catalog, only $8,349.75!

then a Dodge Aries

in 1951 the Yankees used a black hearse from a nearby funeral home.

Harley, in 1959, used a Topper scooter

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Hal Jeffcoat, brought into the game to replace injured starter Alex Kellner, by County Stadium's new bullpen cart, driven by Harley's John "Freckles" Bonneau, complete with chauffeur's uniform and cap — as the pitcher exited the vehicle and went to the pitcher's mound.

Milwaukee finally got classy though, The last bullpen car in the big leagues was actually a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with a sidecar that the Milwaukee Brewers used in 1995


  1. Sort of similar - The Minnesota Vikings used to have a Viking mascot named Ragnar, who rode a motorcycle into the stadium before the games. This article says they had a cheerleader ride a snowmobile, but I don't see any pictures.