Tuesday, August 03, 2021

A parking enforcer documented his encounter with a particularly aggressive Karen at an apartment complex yesterday

The woman is apparently furious because she received a warning and a boot on her car for failing to display a parking permit for her apartment building. After insisting that she has “always put that damn fucking tag” in her car window, she tells the parking enforcer that she forgot this one time

“And I am really mad, when I have a warning,” she says. “I’m giving you guys a warning. I know this is your job, but you better know my car, and you better know who I am. Because I’ll make your life hell. I promise you that. I am so furious about this.”

The parking enforcer tries to walk her and her husband through the process the enforcement company has of looking into cars for any visible permits. As he explains that they can appeal the decision, the woman gets randomly irritated that he is wearing sunglasses, interrupting him to insist he take them off.

“It’s bright out here, ma’am,” he says.

She scoffs as he continues, but eventually interrupts again to insist they’re in the shade and it isn’t actually bright.

“Whether I wear sunglasses or not is not a concern,” he says, and again tries to return to explaining how she can get the boot off her car.

“I wish I could see your eyes,” she interrupts again. “Because that’s kind of chickenshit, to talk to me and not take your damn glasses off. Disrespect.”

“I don’t know why my glasses are a problem for you, ma’am,” he calmly replies.

“I don’t know why it’s a problem for you,” she fires back



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