Thursday, April 22, 2021

the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse in 1940 exposed a New York insurance agent who'd been embezzling

the Brooklyn newspaper "Daily Eagle" reported about Hallett R. French, the 45-year old Seattle-based insurance agent for Merchants' Fire Assurance Company of New York, who had written an $800,000 policy on the Tacoma Narrows bridge

He was vacationing in Idaho when he got word on November 8 that the bridge collapsed

French believed there was no chance of the bridge collapsing. So, being a rather inept criminal, French deposited the $8,000 in premiums in his bank account without reporting the transaction to his firm.

The insurance company wasn't even aware that they were on the hook for the payout of the policy. 

He was convicted of grand larceny, because he had embezzled 70,000 in premiums, 8000 just on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge policy

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