Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sorry there's nothing posted today, but I had to take advantage of the cold weather after work to install insulation in the crawlspace in the attic so the heat the summer wont be baking me, the attic had about 1" of fluff blown in. Useless.

But I did spot this cool photo and had to post it for the panel delivery with TWA markings



  1. International Harvester: And you get an A+ for effort!

  2. https://content.wisconsinhistory.org/digital/collection/ihc/id/28813/rec/10

  3. https://oldinternationaltrucks.com/photo-archives/

    1. Thanks!
      I already have 18 tabs open on my laptop, and so much to look through. I simply am swamped with stuff to post, and just do not have the time.
      Besides, I stumble across other stuff all the time, everywhere, and it's quite a lot to do to post a little, but when there's a lot to look through, less gets posted.
      If there is something specifically terrific in the links you send, then let me know, so I can save a lot of time, and get the gold out of the mine full of rock.
      If not, it's just handing me a lot to look through, with no mention of why, or what you found interesting in the link.
      It is appreciated, I hope you don't mistake what I'm trying to say. It's just a lot, and no mention of why or what