Monday, March 08, 2021

it's not crazy if it works! I bet these hooligans siphoned gas from cars to keep the good times going

This photo was taken on Love Road in Grandyle Village.

Danny McMahon driving, Jarmen Benns riding and Jim Benns behind on his rollerskates. 

The used the Benns' family lawnmower


  1. No doubt Jesse, No doubt.

  2. In Switzerland we used to have such things, but in grown-up size, mostly to collect grapes from vines or to take care of pastures in the alps and their very narrow roads. They generic name is Monoaxe, which speaks for itself. You had the pulling "tractor" with an engine and handle bars (you could hook up a reaper/mower in the front) and you had several types of trailers/attachments you could hook up behind the pulling part, such as hay collecting trailers or flatbeds, etc. I can't insert an image here but if you google monoaxe aebi or monoaxe rapid you'll find lots of stuff. They are now more folkloric than anything, but still fun to see ! There's even a yearly race somewhere in Switzerland, where they dress up the machines and all, pretty fun. Hope I've been able to make you say "that's something I've never seen before"haha Keep up the good work and thanks a lot for wasting my time, I've been on here for like 7 years and keep enjoying it just like the first day I found your blog