Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Doc Ball. Legendary pioneer of skateboarding, and surfing photography. At age 92 years young (born in 1907, began surfing in 1929, died 2001) was a dentist in the Coast Guard, served during WW2, then had a career as a dentist in Eureka Ca.

kids might say "Grandpa you can't just hop on its not as easy as it looks."

Grandpa's will probably reply: "hold my beer"

Doc Ball, was an important photographer, one of the pioneers in surf photos in the water, and edited a photography book of Surf “California Surfriders” with150 photos ”

 Born in Los Angeles in 1907 he started surfing in the 20's and graduated in dentistry.

In the 30's and 40s he worked as a dentist in the Coast Guard, during the second world war of course.

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  1. I would say Doctor Ball lived life to the fullest. God I hope I can be that spry at that age.