Thursday, November 26, 2020

Coffee and donuts (or lunch) video of the day, where the most capable handyman and jack of all trades, Marty, fixes up the boat he found (a thoroughly enjoyable other video on his You Tube Channel)

I don't remember (yeah, most of you are aware I've got a very bad memory) if I have posted a video I've watched from Marty's you tube channel... but I want you to know that when it comes to watching you tubers, there are probably millions of people out there adding a view of their day, their activities, their art or hobbies to You Tube, and I only have discovered a couple that I enjoy completely. 

Marty is one of about 4 that I turn to every time I want to be engrossed in what someone else is doing, because no matter what he's posting about, I get completely hooked on what he's fixing, or making. Usually it's tractors, bulldozers, a road grader... and this boat. 

So, I hope you too enjoy listening to him and watching him fix stuff

His Youtube channel is 

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