Monday, August 24, 2020

wouldn't it be awesome if this was a simple put the truck in gear, and drive forward a set distance, with chucks to stop the forward motion at a set distance, so that a cable, or gears, would crank that ramp up off the ground into the bed, exactly the right amount,

 then lock it in place with a good preliminary lock, so that you could put the truck in "park" then insert a couple no shit solid backup locks that can't fail?

I think I'd like that very very much.

Just all mechanical, and simple, and failsafe. That forged steel type of fail safe. BFB type fail safe.

That would be really damn cool, maybe a couple pieces of big damn chain bolted to the bottom of the ramp, and the front end of the truck bed. Good anchor type chain

Just a thought. I love gears and chains and mechanical interlocks n stuff. But you already knew that.

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