Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Some days it's a lot easier to make banners than posts. These were just from yesterday and today


  1. nice banners. I enjoy looking thru these as it reminds of looking at the slides my dad would show us as kids back in the 70's. Family slide show night. Didn't have DVD, VCR, or Netflix to watch.

    As a Jeep enthusiast the old CJ really caught my eye. Especially since the tire was always mounted on the passenger side. Then I noticed the right hand drive and assumed you flipped the picture.

    really appreciate you posting everyday!

    1. Lol, wow! I didn't think of that, but you're right! It's like the old slideshow! My paternal grandparents would have slideshow nights!

      Same thing, no Dvd, Netflix, or VCR, just local tv, and that sucked. We had 2 channels that would come in good, and lets face it, Murphy's law was in heavy effect and would ruin anything good that came on those two channels with a presidential speech or some other bullshit.

      Yes, I flipped the Jeep image, as a banner works best with the upper left area empty, and that jeep photo is so nice for a banner, but the empty area was in the upper right. So I flipped it.

      You're welcome!