Saturday, January 25, 2020

So, today I learned

That Norm Grabowski, a favorite of mine - along with Von Dutch, Ed Roth and Barris - being some of the very very 60s of hot rodding

As I was saying, Norm was in the Munsters, and Cannonball Run, and Hooper. In the Munsters was Jackie Coogan, he played Uncle Fester, and so there is one connection,  Norm and Jackie, but also Jackie, Norm, and Mamie in "Sex Kittens go to College" 1960, connection number 2, and Norm and Mamie in  "Untamed Youth" 1957 connection number 3

(Sidebar, the movie College Confidential, had in it's cast Rocky Marciano, heavyweight boxing champ, and Conway Twitty, country music star.)

I think I find Norm to be a part of it because of the many Disney movies he was in, that I was watching as a kid in the early 70s.

I'd like you to remember that Disney put on a car show, and who was there displaying a hot rod?  Barris, Roth, and Norm!

oh yeah, the hot rod... Norm Grabowski's of course, later to be disguised as "My Mother The Car". Well with Mamie Van Doren, who Norm often acted with, so maybe this was just another fast movie production for a paycheck, or maybe it was part of a series of college movies with Mamie Van Doren

So, when you think 60s - very very 60s -  which people in hot rodding seem to embody the era/decade?


  1. Ed Roth without a doubt. Tommy Ivo-though he was a drag driver, his cars were always different. BTW Norm and the Kookie T appeared in an episode of the TV show Peter Gunn in 1958, episode number 13 in season one, entitled "Sisters of the Friendless."

  2. Norm , Mamie and Jackie were also in "High School Confidential" along with a few Hot Rods.