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The Alan and Marcella Schurman Iron Ranch is a lifetime collection of thousands of tractors, engines, trucks, parts, signs, toys, farm antiques and other odd stuff like a steam donkey, a steam engine clock, and a Plymouth train engine (thanks Doug!)


1922 Stanley Steamer Model 735
Avery Truck with correct Rutenber engine
Cartercar Model R Coupe
Case Touring Car
Mack AB Truck with “Gar-wood” Hoist/Dump Box
Samson Delivery Truck
Samson Truck
International Auto-Buggy
‘Jumbo’ Truck;
 1920 White Truck;
 1931 Ford Model A;
 1933 Ford V8 Sedan;
 1934 Ford V8 Sedan;
 Briggs and Stratton ‘Speedster’;
 Brush Car; Cushman Truckster;
 Demartini Truck;
 Diamond T Model 306 Truck;
 Early 4 Seat Horse Drawn Carriage;
 Fairmont Ride On Railcar;
 Ford Model A Coupe;
 (4)Ford Model A Truck;
 Ford Model T Coupe;
Ford Model T Fire Truck;
 Ford Model T Truck;
 (3) Kleiber Truck;
 Studebaker Coupe


Allwork 14-28 Model C Aultman-Taylor 30-60 Bates Steel Mule Model B Bean Spray Pump Co. Tracto Best 25 Crawler (2) Best 30 Crawlers Best 30 Chassis Best 60 Tailseat Case 12-20 Crossmotor Case 15-27 Emerson Brantingham AA 12-20 Fair-Mor 12-25 Tractor Heider 9-18 Model D Holt 75 Holt Armored Military 5 Ton PLUS 3 Additional Chassis International 8-16 Mogul Holt Military 5 Ton Chassis Monarch 20-12 Neverslip Crawler Parrett H or E 12-25 Plymouth Locomotive Rumely 12-20 Rumely 15-25 L Rumely 15-30 F Samson Iron Horse Line Drive (2) Sawyer-Massey 11-22

Steam Traction Engines Case Center Crank Steam Engine; 22hp Minneapolis Traction Engine; Russell 16hp Traction Engine; Russell 8hp Portable Steam Engine

Other Great Tractors

 Case L; Case Terramatic Drive;
 Caterpilar 2 Ton;
 Caterpillar Small Fifteen;
Caterpillar Fifteen;
Caterpillar D5;
Caterpillar High Ten;
Caterpillar Sixty;
Caterpillar Tailseat Thirty;
 (3)Caterpillar Ten; (3) Caterpillar Thirty;
(2)Caterpillar Twenty;
 Caterpillar Twenty Eight;
 Caterpillar Twenty Two;
 Cletrac BGH; Cletrac E 38”; Cletrac F; Cletrac F Chassis; (3)Cletrac Model K; Ferguson; (3)Fordson; Fordson Half Track Conversion; Fordson Track Conversion with Winch; Fordson Wehr One Man Power Grader; Fordson with Shovel Conversion;
 Fordson with Solid Cast Front Wheels;
 Fordson with Williamette Winch; Gibson Model D; Graham-Bradley Tricycle Tractor;
 John Deere 420 Crawler;
 John Deere AR;
 John Deere BO;
 John Deere D;
 John Deere Styled G with Wide Front;
 (2) John Deere Unstyled D;
 McCormick Deering 0-12; Oliver Hart Parr 70; Oliver Hart Parr 70 Orchard; Prescott Tractor conversion; Samson Model M; Silver King Standard; Silver King Tricycle; Thieman Tractor; Vaughn Flex-Tread Walk Behind; Windolph Crawler Tractor


 Corliss 600hp Steam Engine
Foos 8hp Hopper Cooled Disc Crank
International 8hp Famous Winch Engine
HUGE Steam Donkey
Howell 4.5hp Side Shaft
Hall-Scott #175 6 cylinder Engine
Harris 25-30 Stationary Engine
Samson 1.5hp Side Shaft Tank Cooled
Sieverkropp 1 cylinder Horizontal
Sieverkropp Vertical
Stickney 1.75hp

1948 Fairbanks 225hp 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine with Generator; Ames Iron Works Steam Engine with Genset; Associated 1.75hp Hired Man; Associated 8hp Portable; Assoicated 2.25hp Hired Hand; Atlas; Imperial 75hp Stationary Engine; Buffalo 2hp; Climax R41 4 Cylinder Stationary Engine; Cushman 4hp Binder Engine; Detroit 1 cylinder Vertical; Eclipse Pumping Engine with Fairbanks Pump; Economy 1.5hp; Economy 1.75hp E; Empire 7hp; Fairbanks 2hp Z; Fairbanks 3hp with Fleck Pump; Foos Type J 1-2hp; Fuller and Johnson 1.5hp; Fuller and Johnson Engine with Meyers Pump; General Electric Genset; (2) Gray 1hp; International 1hp Titan; International 1hp Tom Thumb; International 6hp Hopper Cooled Famous; John Deere 1.hp E; John Deere 3hp E; Large 12 Cylinder Industrial Engine; Monitor VJ Pumping Engine with Baker Pump; New Way 3.5hp Model A; Page Cream Separator with Gas Engine; Regal Boat Motor Enge; Reid 12hp Engine; Sandow Vertical; Standard 3-4hp Gas Engine; Standard Air Cooled Vertical; Stover 1.5hp

Steam Engines

English Iron Works Stationary Steam Engine;
 Ericsson 8” Hot Air;
 Erie City Engine Works Stationary Steam Engine;
 Houston, Standard, and Gamble Stationary Steam Engine;
 Jewell #2 Stationary Steam Engine; Reliable Stationary Steam Engine;
 Worthington 8x10 Stationary Steam Engine

even a Thickstun intake with a pair of Stromberg 97s

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  1. The museum pictures bring back memories of growing up on the farm. I never used any of this equipment, but there were plenty of things like the threshing machine sitting around rusting away-and despite my mother's warnings became my playground equipment, forts, and fuel for a kid's active imagination.