Monday, March 04, 2019

the weatherman says another countrywide snow storm is coming, so, if you aren't sure you'll be ok, arrange now for a friend or family to check in on you every day

stop sign in Livingston Montana

I was recently reading on a facebook page someone's plea for someone to come over and dig them out. How exactly was this person thinking they would get through the winter on the Canadian border without pre-arranging for someone to come help them with snow?

Don't be stupid, plan ahead, make sure you've got a friendly face that will pop in and make sure everything's good, because the smallest problem can quickly make life miserable, like if your pipes break or freeze, you run out of heating fuel, your electricity quits working, or your garage door jams.

Now, those are just not likely, but, what if you run out of beer? See? Panic time! So, make sure you're covered and have a buddy, pal, neighbor kid with a shovel, fellow vet from the VFW, or in an emergency, some ex you can piss off enough on the phone that she'll come over to keep you warm while re-arguing old gripes. Whatever it takes... hell, maybe you can out run her back to her car and leave her behind while you make a beer run and grab some snack food to wait until the spring thaw. I'm just brainstorming here, you'll have to figure out your own solutions. But be safe.

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