Saturday, January 12, 2019

Yellow Vest protesters have disabled over 60% of France's 3,200 speed cameras as part of their fight against rising fuel and commuting costs.

The public were already angry with speed limit sanctions that were imposed last year. In many parts of the country, the speed limit was reduced from 90km/h to 80km/h, which is 50mph.

The movement originally began over fuel tax increases and the rising cost of commuting for the working person, which has now resulted in protesters targeting toll roads and speed cameras. According to the Yellow Vests, many people feel that speed cameras are solely there to generate revenue from the poor.

The Yellow Vests, or Gilets Jaunes in French is a protest movement named after the high-visibility vests that every driver in the country must keep in their vehicle by law. On average, the French pay 46.2% of their income in tax.


  1. Bullshit about that "catching poor". Speed cameras catch everybody, they are machines, they don't look who is poor or rich. And whatever organization own them (we have local urban commune speed cameras and central government ones) they are more then happy to send speed tickets to everybody. It's too much cash from that to resign from some tickets because someone is not poor. Shit in one small urban commune they create municipal police just to operate single mobile speed camera... they had ENORMOUS profit from that. It was so crossing the line that government implement new law that forbidden such actions, they don't like competition. ;D

    I know Jesse that you just deliver message, not like any driver have warm feelings for speed cameras... got a ticket from it myself, well I deserve it but you know, ticket is nothing nice. But those "Yellow Vests" dude accusations is first class bullshit to create more divide and "enemies".

    But 3.200... well that big number. We got "only" 400 speed cameras as today. But in next two years they want to double the number. Too much good cash and... well, there is some positive things, people do slow down when they see sign about speed control ahead. That make road a little safer.

    1. the majority of people are poor, I think you will agree, as that is a fact. The majority of drivers on the road are poor, I think you will find is also true. Then, the commuter is basically the majority of traffic, and poor. So, that's who is getting caught speeding, and fined for it. If the banks were fined for breaking the laws (Wells Fargo Bank for example) the govts would not feel the need to use traffic enforcement fines to raise money. Also, if governments around the world, most of them, were not recklessly wasting money? Then the majority of people would get taxed less. Greece just went bankrupt. Venezuela is Bankrupt, the USA is 20 trillion in debt. England still wastes money on a monarchy that does nothing to earn the wealth, and hides their money in island bank accounts
      I doubt I've changed your opinion with my logic, and research (Paradise Papers) but, lets see what you did to report on this or anything... like, are you blogging?

    2. Again, I am just relaying the news most of the time, if you think I'm making it up? No, that is wrong. Read the source, and complain to them that they are bullshit.

  2. Take my word for it. This repressive system is a real scandal in France. Drivers are driving tense while the government is collecting billions. They literally steal the money.
    I've always driven fast in places where it's possible and never caused any accidents. And I have been driving for over 40 years and have been caught by these traps several times. 60% of these shit machines destroyed ? I applaud.

  3. Wow, that's one pissed off bunch of folks.

  4. I was caught twice by these within an hour while in France in September 2016 - both for doing 96 kph. The problem was that in France the speed limit on rural roads is 90 kph whereas in NZ it is mostly 100. Their 130 kph autoroute speed limit (110 in the wet) is great. It makes cross country driving easy. It is a big place and mostly the traffic was light. We did the 500 plus kilometres from Mulhouse to Paris airport is less than 5 hours, which included about 100 km of 90 kph roads.