Saturday, January 12, 2019

lane splitting through a ridiculous amount of traffic, while talking a million words a minute


  1. Having done this many times; here are a few observations about lane splitting;
    1. He's very familiar with the route that he's driving
    2. Traffic is very well "behaved" meaning they are used to lane splitting.
    3. He uses his horn liberally - meaning traffic is used to listening to it/for it.
    4. Judging from his speech pattern, my guess he's talking to (or about) the other drivers a lot of the time - much the way many of us do when driving.
    5. He's probably not going as fast as it seems (most of the time) because the sensation of speed is much different on a bike than in a car.
    6. He's very experienced and has done this a zillion times.
    7. He's fucking crazy to be that casual about splitting lanes !

    1. You're right!

    2. SMK on number 5, his speedometer is reading k/ph I believe. At times it hitting and exceeding 102 k/ph which means he's doing about 60 mph or better. That's fast. He's been lucky up to now.

  2. He's an internet celebrity here in Brazil. And this mad traffic is my city, Sao Paulo.