Tuesday, July 17, 2018

There is only one of the Back To The Future screen-used DeLorean in private hands, and, more remarkable, it's really a VW Beetle with the DeLorean body over it so it could take the rough terrain driving in the old west scene s

one of the three left in the world (and the only screen-used DeLorean in private hands) cost car collector duo, father and son, Bill and Patrick Shea of North Central Massachusetts a whopping $440,000 back in 2011.

It was actually a VW chassis and the reason is that the director needed a DeLorean that could take the punishment of unforgiving terrain for the scene where Marty Fly had to drive the DeLorean Time Machine across the sparsely vegetated desert. Obviously, the lackluster DeLorean DMC-12 won’t be able to take the beatings and so, it was decided that a dune buggy set up was the way to go.



  1. I don't care how much they like the movie or how much they overpaid for the car but unless they work in the local circus, the those goofy wheels and tires need to be carefully removed and safely preserved. Unless the car will be on display permanently, it should be "slammed" down onto wide, mag wheels wearing low-profile tires that maybe 2" shorter. If they want to receive appreciation, that is.

  2. Wait. I just re-read the story and recalled that this time traveling DeLorean is actually a V-dub. Just F it all. Those guys have too much money