Tuesday, November 15, 2016

the Pink Panthermobile has been restored and is in the museum at Galpin!

Ed Newton (worked on orbitron, did shirt design for Roth, and was a grad of Art Center College of Design, Roach Studios) designed it, collaborating with Dan Woods (of Milk Truck fame), Joe Bailon (inventor of Candy Apple paint) and Bill Hines (“The Leadslinger”).

Behind the driver, and the engine, is the Pleasure Capsule, what designer Ed “Newt” Newton intended as the ultimate limousine: a lie-down compartment of shag carpeting, satin and Naugahyde with square-tufted upholstery, mirrors, about half a dozen faux-fur pillows, a rotary phone, a bar, a black-and-white TV and a vase with flowers. All in pink.

Full gallery and write up at https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/Articles/2016/11/10/Pink-Panthermobile

For the only good bio on Ed Newton, read "How to Draw Crazy Cars and Mad Monsters Like a Pro"



  1. I saw this once, I think at a World of Wheels show in Tulsa. It's pretty amazing in person.

  2. How could this thing drive up even the slightest sudden incline, like turning into driveway on a city street with curbs? I know it's a show car and would never have to, but how do they even load it on to a truck or trailer to transport to shows?

    1. I bet it never had to drive up an incline. My guess is that it's either capable, and has a tapered up nose and 3 or 4 inches of clearance under it, or they simply used boards the few times they ever moved it. Put it in a big pallet shipping container, and forklifted it around