Thursday, November 17, 2016

the 2017 "heritage colors" are announced for the 2017 Challenger (Charger only has one more, "Maximum Steel")

The Challenger colors will include
Yellow Jacket,
White Knuckle,
Pitch Black,
 Go Mango,
Octane Red,
Contusion Blue,
Green Go, and
Destroyer Grey.

The Charger will get all of those colors, plus Maximum Steel.

Color names in the rest of the Dodge line are
 Blu By You, Stout Brown, Bomber Brown, Vice White, White Noise, Olive Green, Blood Orange,  Go Mango, Bruiser Gray, and 3 shades of black (ridiculous) Pitch Black,  Black Onyx, and DB Black


  1. Why is "Maximum Steel " shown on a graphic of the Challenger if it's not available on that model?

  2. becuase Motor Authority, the source I linked to, screwed that up apearently