Thursday, November 17, 2016

Soon, very soon! Well, they may even be available right now, I hear that they are available 00:00:00 GMT, which is 7pm East Coast of the USA time


Top Gear = TG
The Grand Tour = TGT
Top Gear Two = TGT

Or is it just me seeing things that aren't really there?

The series will air weekly on Amazon, episode 1 is from Southern California, USA. Episode 2 from Johannesburg in South Africa

Subsequent episodes will be released weekly every week for the next three months.


  1. Have you watched the first one yet? I'm curious to hear your review. I thought it was really good and the photography for the Holy Trinity story looked great.

    1. No, I can't afford it, and I'm going through some problems with finding a place to sleep. Seems moving would be really easy if I were rich or if my parents were paying my way through life. Seriously, a lot of rich parents are fixing things for their kids really awesomely, and homeowners are now college students whose parents gave them a house to get income renting them out as duplexes, renting out rooms, or renting them out to the max as dorm style shared rooms. Must be great to be rich!

    2. Once I have a place of my own again and things settle down, then I have to get a better paying job to get with the changes of inflation and how it's doubled the price of rent in San Diego in the past 10 years. My income has flatlined during the same period of time. It's not simple to break past 17 an hour in this city