Friday, June 12, 2015

Stupid SOB darts in front of a Baja race truck like a damn pest animal trying to suicide


  1. Was he running in front of the truck? Looked to me like the 2nd RPM truck was running off the course to pass. And farther in the vid there's another truck apparently even closer to the camera that some guys are trying to direct. Unless I am missing something here I think your title is a bit over the top. The two most difficult lessons for new drivers in the Baja races are making your ride last and learning that when you see a crowd of people you cannot slow down.

    1. the screen grabs show him clearly running across the clear roadway, the instant before the truck arrives to clip his leg. So, if you can't see him running in front of the video, or the stills, and want to ascribe some other motivation for his madness, that's your prerogative. what happens after that, isn't relevant to the dummy running in front of a race truck at WOT. I'm not interested in the lessons new millionaire drivers and sponsors have to learn. I'm just a car guy, broke, not a Baja racer, and never will be. I'm a guy with a blog that shares the cool, unusual and sometimes the news. Occasionally the morons. Stay the hell off the course, don't get in front of the racing vehicles, these are the two lessons that every race attendee learns before getting near a race. For over a hundred years, these two rules have been shared among humans with half an iota of brains. Clearly this idiot isn't among the people that will ever be able to give or take advice. Also, the point of having an over the top title is to get attention when all people on other websites have is the title to tempt them to come over to mine to see what I've posted. If every title was dull and boring, and unemotional, no one would bother clicking over and seeing what I offer. Good, bad, or awesome, I've been posting for 9 years, and though I'm just a goofball with a website, I doubt you have more experience in titling articles, captioning photos, and publishing than I do. If you can do a better job, step up! The world needs better auto enthusiast websites