Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Memphis Belle is getting restored!

And because of it's decades long exhibitions, it was occasionally robbed of small items, and if anyone can reconnect the parts with the plane, it would be tremendous!

Some parts got lost other ways, like breakage, and here is a story of an engine primer knob getting back to the Belle! (It was found near where the Memphis Belle had been parked aka breakage)

B-17F Memphis Belle®The inboard wings have been mated to the fuselage and the landing gear has been lowered for the aircraft to sit on. Sheet metal repairs continue on the forward belly. The pilot's instrument panel and the missing bomb bay door is being fabricated from factory blueprints. The bomb bay door sheet metal repairs are also being worked. In addition, the wing root items are being fabricated and installed and the engines have been installed on the aircraft. Volunteers are restoring the tailgunner position and connecting the engine controls and accessories. Structural repairs are also being performed on the vertical fin and horizontal stabilizers. Click here to view a photo slide show of the Memphis Bellerestoration or here for more information and photos

Note: The original Memphis Belle was on static display in Memphis, Tenn., until October 2005. At that time, it was transported to the museum where it is now undergoing restoration.

For a better gallery and right up:

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