Sunday, March 10, 2013

The 1968 SCCA race at Bryar (Loudon New Hampshire) photos have made it onto the internet, if you have photos of vintage racing (SCCA or NHRA) get them scanned and uploaded, share them!

The guys in the Boss Mustangs forum were cool and pointed out the cars above the track curve in the above photo... gt500 Shelby Stang, Porsche, Olds, Falcon, mini, Delivery Van, Plymouth full size, Corvette, 55 Chev, real AC Cobra (no copies back then!) and a Cortina I think... but go down a couple photos and look in the upper right hand corner to see what wasn't captured in the view of the above image... a real GT 40

These Cougars are both owned by Peter Revson, and in 1966 he was racing a GT40 for Essex Wire Co's team with Skip Scott where he helped win the world title for GTcars. Consecutively with the Cougars he was driving a Lola for Dana in Can Am, and a McLaren in USRRC

How about that GT40? Effin cool that someone drove that to watch the races. Serious cool sports cars on the other side of that fence, no one drives cars that cool to watch races anymore. Who can afford the insurance? A Gt500 Shelby Stang, 911 I think, possibly a 427 65 Vette, Shelby 289 Cobra I bet, and a GT40... wow.

above GT500KR

Very interesting that I've never seen the inside of one of these cars when it was racing in the 60's

found on and Ron Lathrop, and

I learned about this from Dan's Saturday 4 links. Hemmings is lucky to have Dan keeping on top of so many cool things on the web

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