Friday, November 30, 2012

The car, and the competition... the Better Off Dead 1967 Camaro

a funny situation in the movie Better Off Dead that I forgot about until I rewatched it just now to see the Camaro, was the rivalry between John Cusack's character Lane Meyer, and the two brothers in the Falcon. Every time that Lane came to a stop light, these brothers were waiting and goading him to a drag race. The driver didn't speak English, and the passenger learned from Wide World of Sports by listening to Howard Cosell. So he grabs a CB microphone and speaks over a PA system mounted to the Falcon roof.

Lane is driving a station wagon because early in the movie his Camaro doesn't run

The station wagon loses. A lot.

Then the cute girl across the street decides to help out our hero in need

 And now the dashing young hero wins. Good movie, 1985 wholesome teenage highschool goodness.

And that damn newspaper kid that wants his two dollars:

I first posted about the Camaro 5 years ago when I learned that it had been found and restored.

the owners website is



    No kidding, I was just telling someone at work about this movie (2) days ago!

    I gotta watch it again.

    I want my TWO DOLLARS!

  2. One of my top 50 movies, seen it dozens of times.

  3. Thanks for adding the newspaper boy....funny stuff!