Monday, November 05, 2012

Ray Evernham made a 64 Plymouth Belvedere just like the ones that won in NASCAR, in 1964 at the Daytona 500 and the NASCAR Grand National Championship

750 Hp, 4 speed, front and rear clips from a modern NASCAR race car, and fully adjustable suspension. The only thing it doesn't come with is a crew chief and a pit crew!

Net proceeds from the sale will go to Evernham Family Racing for a Reason, a foundation that is funding IGNITE, a new program and facility in Davidson, N.C. operated by the Autism Society of North Carolina.

 IGNITE enables adults with High-Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome to enjoy a better quality of life as valued members of the community in which they live and work.


  1. Jess, this just make my mouth water. You know, I never figured Ray Evernham for a MoPar guy. Nice job Ray.

    1. Getting back through the archives JS? I'm intrigued, are you looking back through page by page, by subject, or did you happen across this post? Send me an email please, I like to use email to communicate with frequent commentors if that is ok

  2. My dream car as I had a 64 same type only with 426 Wedge with offset dual 4 Barrel carbs. It was fast to say the least as the car was very light other than engine. LOL

  3. Forgot to add my 64 came with bench seats and a 4 speed but had a huge Hurst shifter from factory that curved twice up and over the seat when in 2nd and 4th. Black with red interior it was really nice.