Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why a love for automobiles

I believe we have this love affair with vehicles from Vespa scooters to airplanes, VW Bugs to Bugattis, because we are attracted to the various aspects of vehicles. The design beauty, the elegant curves, the accommodating inclusiveness of the rolling sculpture that we can enter, sit in, lay in, eat or sleep in, all in comfortable seats with a stereo system, climate control, and body enveloping bucket seats... the ability to relocate our vehicle to any other area we can drive it to, or in other levels of performance we can transform it to, and the variety of things we can do with our cars... take friends to the beach, drive in, or mall... haul groceries, dogs, or loads of wood for the fireplace... race on SCCA courses, dragstrips, or sand dunes... or in special cases we can display them as art, at car shows, car museums, or make and model specific concours de elegance

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