Friday, February 10, 2012

blogger tip to my followers and readers, spam comments are way up today, about 15 -2 dozen in just one day

Today I had a lot of spam comments, they are easy to spot because they are consistent with a link at the end of the comment, they are a very nice compliment that is vague and not aimed at the post they are left on... but well written, and always the commenter has a first name, middle initial, and last name, and the whole thing is in bold.
Why does it matter? Every spam comment is just an uninvited advertisement for someone you didn't allow to add advertising some product you don't endorse.

Do what ever you want with your blog, but now you know that someone decided that today they were going to blast out spam comments like there is no tomorrow.

If you let comments happen to your blog without your controlling the approval of them, anyone can put anything in your content.

Best wishes to all you bloggers, my compliments to all of us who share our hobbies and passions for free to anyone who finds us on the internet


  1. I've been getting a ton of BS spam today also. I switched to moderation mode so I have to approve the comment before it gets published. Pain in the butt.

  2. I've been getting a bunch from facebook urls over at retrohound, but Wordpress has a pretty good spam catcher. So should I change my google username? There's a famous writer named Robert Lindsey (he co-authored Brando's biography), so I always use my middle initial. And I usually link to classicdragsters or retrohound at the end of a comment since they aren't on blogger. I don't care if people link to their blog in a comment as long as it's a real blog or website. I do try to make my comments specific if it's not a blog who knows me.