Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is the coolest van I've seen since the Alexander brothers Deora... it's cool enough to change my mind about van kustoms! had this image among a lot of other stuff... but look at this van's grill, bumper, door handles, wrap over decal.... it's the coolest kustom van Road Runner tribute I've ever seen... yeah it's the only, but that isn't the point. For comparison
Anyone know anything about it?

Tony had the answer... it's a photoshopped image. Yup, I'm devastated. Glad someone out there named Capsule, of the Danish Road Runner Nest is this good of a concept artist.

thanks Tony!


  1. I think I remember reading that this was totally Photoshopped, the guy has done other pictures as well. Sorry to burst your bubble...

  2. Here's the link