Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grand National Roadster show odds and ends

1932 Ford Phaeton by Paul Gommi, believed to be one of about 50 still existing, but even more unique because it's believed to be the only SCOT supercharged 21 stud flathead ever built. All the work was done recently, but only parts and techniques that were available pre-1950

Below: Tom Leib's 1923 Wills Saint Clair, a Best in Class winner at Pebble Beach, one of 10 known to exist

Above by Brad Leisure

American Bantam roadster, ain't that cool?!

Above 1950 Chevy Tin woody, found on EBay as a 4 dr before a lot of custom work was done

Michael Moal's 1929 Roadster, Moal bomber gauges

Boyd Coddington's French Connection 1939 Lincoln coach built

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