Wednesday, January 25, 2023

the galloping American horse with upturned tail that became the Ford Mustang emblem, was created by the Hungarian sculptor Károly Keresztes living in America, working for Ford Design Studio

The Mustang name first appeared on a 1962 concept called Mustang I, and the galloping horse was made up by designer Phil Clark.

the proportions of Clark’s logo were too tall to fit in the grille, so Ioccoca had design studio modeler Károly "Charles" Keresztes was told to make a new version for the Mustang II and the eventual production vehicle.

This inspired the founder of the Kaáli Auto-Motor Museum, to get a sculptor to create an unusual work of art from original parts.

The final result reproduces the dynamics of the Keresztes galloping horse with surprising lifelikeness, centered on the heart of the internal combustion engine, the piston, and was mostly made of old Ford Mustang parts during 400 hours of work. The sculptor was János Barta - Vaskalap Metal Art

Notice that the nostrils are wrenches

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