Monday, January 23, 2023

A runway at the Stillwater, OK, airport sustained surface damage because of the Air Force C-17 Globemaster's weight during an unauthorized landing, it was carrying a women's basketball team as a charter flight

The C-17 Globemaster aircraft is 45 tons heavier than the runway's maximum weight capacity, city officials said in a news release. The plane touched down at the airport ahead of a game against Oklahoma State University. 

Why is the air force carrying a woman's basket ball team, in a C-47? 


  1. Because it was carrying the U.S. Air Force Academy women's basketball team?

    1. That is was the Air Force Academy team, I did not notice... I'm still flabberghasted that they used a C17, plopped onto airport instead of the nearby military airfield, and jacked up the runway... instead of paying a couple hundred apiece to ride an airliner. How much does a full tank of avgas (28,000 gallons) round trip from Colorado to Oklahoma (C17 range 4700 NM) cost for just the fuel? at 5 dollars a gallon, 140,000 dollars?

    2. And the Air Force spokeswoman said they use the military transport to save cost !!! Our tax dollars at work.

    3. ok, from her perspective, the Air Force doesn't spend money on fuel, or the aircraft, so, for her - and that basketball team, they didn't out of pocket a penny. BUT, if they flew commercial airliner, some department would have to check the budget for spending costs allotted to transportation of school athletics. They certainly don't have anyone approving a budget to transport athletes... so, it's poltical spin. They went the cheap (to them) route, and wasted a 1/8th of a million dollars so basket ball players could travel to Oklahoma. You know, because who the hell would they play locally anyway? Just every state college and university, you know?