Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Comparing cars’ length, width, and height via an easy-to-use website, or just use it to get the specs for a car you're wondering about, as it might not fit through your garage door


Or maybe use it to compare a car you owned a while ago, with what you drive now

they are very limited on what cars they have the specs on, there are few, very very few muscle car era American classics... no Road Runners, Barracuda - no 60s Chargers, Super Bees, Super Birds, hell, no Plymouths


  1. BTW Mustang! Jesse, I have something you may like. A huge Mustang fan, Prof. Géza Kaáli Nagy put a fantastic Mustang sculpture in his museum (!) to display. It was made (mostly) of Mustang parts. It is a tribute to the original running pony sculpture of the Mustang II, with the straight tail designed by a Hungarian artist, Charles Keresztes used to work for the Ford Design Studio. The sculpture designed by a sculptor, János Barta, but constructed by Péter Nagy a car restaurateur. Links - English where it is possible:
    The Mustang scuplture:
    Tha museum:
    The owner, prof. Kaáli:

    1. thank you! I'll look that up this morning! Right now I only have time to read comments and check email before I get outta bed and go to work

    2. well done! Thank you! I'll post that later!

    3. Thank you! I glad you're like it. I think the sculpture is amazing.