Monday, February 28, 2022

Ewan McGregor has a 54 Beetle for a daily driver in LA... I love that.

His 1st car was a South African market 78 Beetle, and his search for it went all out, even making a Jimmy Kimmel late night plea for help finding it

 At sixteen, McGregor purchased the late-production Bug for £500, exactly the amount he’d stashed after two years as a dishwasher.

His marriage of 22years resulted in him losing a 6 million dollar LA home, a half mil in cash, child support, and all but 30 of his car collection.... she got 5 choice picks. Ouch


  1. The article says that he had the Beetle converted to electric power after it broke down once in LA.

    Another article on that site says that McGregor and a friend rode Harley LiveWire electric motorcycles from Argentina to LA back in 2019. They made a documentary series that appears to be on Apple+.

    1. I read about that conversion, even saw the photos of him pushing it. In addition to riding from Argentina, he's most famous for riding across Asia, I think it was