Friday, December 13, 2019

VW discovered a 1953 T1 van that had been stored away for 54 years, it's remarkable because it was one of the earliest radar speed trap training vehicles using the Telefunken VRG2 traffic radar from 1961 to 1964

the Lower Saxony police procurement agency bought it in 1953. At that time, the 25 hp VW bus cost 6,750 marks. The Hanover police used the bulli for eight years, then it was fitted with a radar system.

One of the police officers was Heinz Scholze. The 89-year-old says: "It was completely new territory - for the road users and us." For the first time in Germany on February 15, 1959, speed violations were measured with radar between Düsseldorf and Ratingen.

Incidentally, the VRG2 still works today, explains Frank Märtens from the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt: "It still measures very precisely today, its error rate has a maximum deviation of three km / h, which means it is within the absolute tolerance range."

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  1. Its weird that the same people who brought us the Autobahn also brought us speed radar. I remember even in the 1980's they still used a multi-car system to make a speed trap-one Opel sedan or a VW van with a massive radome on the front of it tracking the cars and radioing to other politzei officers in their BMW's and Porche's.