Sunday, November 17, 2019

Chip Foose did some stuff to this 1974 E type Jaguar, but since his website is perpetually 6 months behind, we may have to wait until magazines get printed 6 months from now to learn the details.

compared to what it looked like 

we can see a lot of improvements like the bumpers, fenders, wheel wells, and elimination of the side reflectors, installation of the hood scoop

Interior upgrades to Jaguar's busy-looking dashboard topped with a padded cap and peppered with a galaxy of buttons, knobs, and switches. Foose's build adopts a cleaner, simpler design with gauges arranged in a cluster behind the steering wheel, and a chrome strip that runs across the entire dashboard.

Exterior modifications include extended rocker panels, new hood scoop, revised rear-end, new lower front fascia, new windshield design, revised headlights and taillights, new grille, trimmed doors and resectioned bumpers.

The spoke wheels are not spoked. Those are one piece rims. it of course does not have an old Jag engine, no one in California installs old Jag engines, it has to be a new Chevy LS engine to get approved. Maybe for smog reasons, maybe for speed of install and long term reliability. Maybe just to make parts replacement in the future a sure thing.

Maybe its the 575hp vs a Jaguar 270hp engine.


  1. Rims and grille are pretty gash, the rest is cool.

  2. Check out his Facebook page. Hes got several pics of some of the changes he made to it. Loots of them are pretty subtle but work amazingly as the finish product shows!

    1. thanks for the link to his page

    2. I looked around on his face book page, and was not seeing any pics of the changes he made. In fact, I've posted more above, of the car before the changes, than he has on his FB page. So, THAT is WHY you send a link, so we both know which FB page, and which post, you are referring to so that I don't call you out as a doofus who doesn't know what he's talking about. is what I looked at. All they have on the photo album for the jag is:
      you are a doofus. Thanks for wasting my time.
      I could have been posting cool stuff instead of your wild goose chase

  3. Damn dude...pretty harsh considering I was only trying to direct you to some more details on his build. A 30 second scroll through his photo album is all it takes to see all sort of progress pics on this build.

    But hey, its your page as you say so do as you like. I wont waste your time anymore.

    1. You wouldn't have wasted my time if you had
      1) given me the link the first time
      2) mentioned that the timeframe on his page was in JUNE for gods sake.
      Do you know how much time you have to waste to scroll back to JUNE?
      IF you know that you need to look for the post on June 27th, your top link, it takes 3 effing minutes... IF YOU KNOW that you must go to June 27th - without the link.
      So, go ahead, waste three minutes scrolling down ANY facebook page without stopping to look at ANYTHING.
      Then tell me how it's cool to waste someone's time.
      3) you think I was HARSH? SERIOUSLY? Holy shit.
      Snowflake alert.
      You ain't been in the military, had a parent that was strict, or a boss with
      an attitude. You've been lucky.
      4) You may have thought you were trying, if you don't comprehend the definition of the word "trying"
      again, snowflake alert.
      But you thought you were being helpful
      Bless your heart.
      NOW, do you understand what harsh is?
      Maybe you'd prefer to change your earlier statement, now that you have a better understanding of "harsh"
      And for gods sake, don't waste peoples time.
      Have I EVER given you cause to waste my time?
      No. I don't fucking think so.
      5) No, it's not my page. It's my BLOG. Are you thick?
      Oh, and by the way, thanks so ever loving much for YOUR permission to do as I please on it. So pretentious, did you practive that first before deigning to allow me the gift of your wisdom?
      Good lord, what the actual fuck man? I got shit to do! Why are you testing my patience?
      Just go away. It's not like you're helping.

  4. You've given me cause to waste hours of my time over the last 10 years or so. Its what has made your blog so great and attracted so many people like me who check it out every day. All Manuel did was recommend you a Facebook page. I guess he thought you'd be interested in scrolling through it and may find other things of interest to you. If this is the way your blog is going I think I'll call it a day.

    1. if you think I got content added to my page because people who were "trying to help" told me to look at a facebook page, you are mistaken. That is as naive as thinking that telling someone who needs help to look on the internet.
      IF you think you've helped them, by telling them, "it's on the internet somewhere" make sure to never tell me that.
      Do I need to spell out that it's either condescending, or preposterous?
      YOU say I have given you an amount of content to enjoy, thren consider that I did NOT tell YOU to just go look on the facebook page of Foose for photos of the Jaguar. No, I did not, I do not waste your time, and will expect the same in return. That is what being a man is. Respecting others who you treat right to treat you right in return.
      If YOU think you want to drop into comments not addressed to you, and get insulted because you are butting your nose into where it has not been invited, where I and someone else are talking, then you are being the problem.
      Not me.
      Did I go look at your facebook page and decide to comment on what you have to say to someone else?
      Did I butt into your chat with someone else? No.
      So grow up. You're acting like a petulant child.
      If you have so little respect for me, my blog, where NOTHING is required of you, and you've been entertained, and then believe that you can threaten me that you are leaving because you are upset? You are a snowflake too. Go away. I never invited you in. You had the best I had to offer, and now show me disrespect.

    2. Oh, also, you think I'm unaware that scrolling through Foose's facebook page will have a return? Really? I'm too stupid to know that?
      How about you go back to the part where ONLY if you know when to stop, it takes 3 god damn minutes you won't ever get back, to waste to get TO the post where there are ONLY a couple images that actually don't suffice to explain all the stuff Foose did to take a 74 Jag and make it better.
      So, anyone that thinks telling me that Foose has a page worth looking at? Can just stfu. Go tell your mom how to parent. Go tell birds how to fly. These are things that you've never understood to not bring up because it's insulting, these things are already known. Water is wet, the sun is hot, and annoying people make stupid comments, unsolicited.
      Just look at the pretty pictures, unless you have something to bring to the show and tell that will impress someone.
      Come to think of it, if you had something, you would probably have your own blog.
      So just sit back and relax, I got this shit. If you disagree, what the actual fuck are you doing on this page?

  5. I think it's sharp. The man has a gift and is the best of the best in my book. I could just look at his renderings and be entertained.

    1. Dale.... I almost was as stupid as the morons that tell me to go look at his facebook page to see stuff.
      Instead, of telling you that his facebook page has them, like Manuel and Iain think is just fine, I'll instead ask, would you think people would like me to make a post of the better drawing and paintings he's made and put on his social media?
      His concept artwork is good stuff, and more readily available than his renderings of small focus points of a car that he is going to change, so I might not be able to post as many renderings as I can concept paintings.
      What do you think, would people like a full post of Foose art and renderings?

  6. As Chip says in the video, it's a tough challenge to make an E-type look better. Since he started with a Series 3 car, taking off the bumper over-riders and other stuff added to the original design makes it look much better.

  7. Everybody has their own likes, dislikes and favorites. I just happen to be a Foose fan. I think this guy has a brilliant eye for lines and designs. When you watch him on TV at his desk scratching out a rendering of a concept with his colored pencil set I'm blown away. And when they come to life you can double that!

    1. Completely. It's pretty hard to one up the designers that came up with cars that went into production, and Foose does it every day