Wednesday, November 20, 2019

this rail truck is primitive, but cool, and they did a good job showing the way the rail road works in Burma


  1. It's belt driven? That's pretty ingenious. It would be really interesting to see what components they used to make this very interesting vehicle. Seems to get them down the line just fine.

  2. That and interesting photo. The truck is a 1965 era MADI (Myanmar Automobile and Diesel Engine Industries) basically a HINO but made in Myanmar aka Burma.

    1. thank you, finding or making interesting photos, is what I do. This is actually a screen grab from the video. Selecting what to post is my other talent

  3. You know Jesse when I first saw this I thought to myself, "That's an awfully narrow track for something that big." But then I see in the video title, Burma MINES Railway. So that explains the narrow gage. It was possibly used for mining work? Maybe still is? Anyway, there are parts of the track that are pretty scary brother. And it seems like no one cares to fix is.