Thursday, August 15, 2019

how do you remind the employees that the planes they just built have problems? Use their parking lot to have a daily reminder that their best work resulted in a plane that can't fly


  1. It wasn't the people who built these planes who screwed up, it was the people in the boardroom.

    1. The source of the image, Jalopnik, says the sensors were faulty. Whatever is to blame, I'm not an expert, isn't really the point. I'm just trying to use this photo to show what a funny funny guy I am.

  2. Meh, a couple rounds of layoffs should take care of the parking problem. I see they have plates under the wheels to keep this MAXX from sinking deeper than Boeing stock prices.

  3. Sr. management and the S/W engineers who designed and tested, then approved code that lets the aircraft repeatedly take control from the pilots. However, current US manufacturing practices tend to point fingers at the people least responsible for problems.