Friday, April 05, 2019

ever consider how much inflation affects your chances at doing fun things, vs your great grandparents generation in the 50s? 5 dollars an hour in 1948, 240 dollars an hour in 2018, same city, same flying lesson

5 an hour, was probably 3 hours wages in 1948 for most people, people who were looking to get some training and learn a new job skill so they could earn more money at a new job, right?

240 an hour? well, not that I know many people making 24 an hour, but that would be three times as many hours working to get the same amount of money. Roughly, but just for simplicity, lets go with it and not dicker about the nit pinking baloney.

so, 5 bucks = 2 hours in 1948
240 bucks = 10 hours in 2018 if you've got a great paying job.
240 bucks = 13 hours at 18 dollar an hour job... 2 days wages, vs 2 hours wages?

inflation is a bitch. Of course, the cost of gas has went from 20 cents a gallon to 3.60.... 18 times as much?

so the price of an airplane for a flying lesson in 1948, who knows, probably military surplus, right?
vs the price of a Cessna, or Cirrus (Chinese name for Aviation Industry Corporation of China, which is owned by the Government of the People's Republic of China) or Piper will be over $100,000

so, sum it all up, a 5 dollar flying lesson? In 1948, was a steal. You could earn that in 2 hours maybe... now, it's 2 days wages, roughly

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